Success Stories, Who Cares?

There are thousands of “success story” materials on the internet. If we combine and sum up majority of them, we will get a story like this:

… Today I woke up and felt that today is a day of a successful startup. I called my friend John, and we started creating our product for months: without sleeping, without eating and without sex. Our road to success was very hard. We have got tons of problems, but we handled all of them because we are smart and have the necessary capacity. Now we have a service that helps people find correct time for feeding their cats. …

Who cares guys? No really…

I don’t remember exactly where I have read this quote, but it is excellent:

There are only three things that always tell the truth: small children, drunk people, and yoga pants.

It is evident that yoga pants have written these success stories.

I accept that some of these stories are useful, they describe the full, real path of the startup’s journey: with fails and challenges and explaining the causes of the fails. The most valuable part of these posts are the parts where they fail, not when they get 1 million bucks of investments.

Who will tell the truth?

Who will say that I am very lucky, and I succeeded at this step because of just luck?

Who will say that I used people and didn’t give pay for it?

Who will say that they stole something?

None. Just fuckin none.

Why I like fail stories, because, there is no need to lie when you fail. Of course, if you didn’t lie that you didn’t fail. Maybe I am wrong, but my life experience tells me to believe people who are strong enough to accept and see their fails.

Yes, now you are thinking about motivation, that “success stories” give a big amount of motivation and inspiration. Maybe you are right, but if you aren’t sharp enough to get motivated by your idea, by your team, by your friends, by them who believe in you, what the fuck can that stories do to you?


“Success stories” give you a false motivation, like do like that, and you will become a millionaire.

It is just an illusion of motivation.

The real motivation is you, and people who believe in you.

What is the purpose of telling such things to you? Because there are people that don’t share their experience when they fail. They wait for success and only then they start sharing it. Don’t do that. If you think that you have something that can help just one person in the whole world, share your experience: Tell them where you fail and why you fail.

You think that no one cares about a loser who fails? If you think so, you will not achieve success ever.

If you think, that failing is for losers, forget about yourself and go to the nearby bridge and feel 9.80665 m/s2.

Believe me, many people need to know how is about to fail, why people fail and how to avoid that, share it and be happy when you fail.

It is something new to learn.

And some good music to keep you up, after this shitty post.

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Written on June 19, 2016